Our claims process

We understand that this is a very difficult time for you. Our claims team will be by your side to help and take care of your requirements in 3 simple steps:

1 Claims intimation

Convenient ways of claim intimation:

  • Online Claim Intimation: www.pramericalife.in
  • Walk into any of our Pramerica Life branch “Locate us” claims@pramericalife.in
  • Write to us at claims@pramericalife.in
Download claim form
2 Document submission

Submit claim form and supporting document to the nearest branch

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3 Claim processing & decisions

After receipt of all necessary documents, the claim process will commence, and you will be notified of the decision within 30 days.

Claim timelines

Hassle-free 3 days express claims settlement with Pratigya Kavach

Through our ‘3 Days Express Claims Settlement’ initiative, we will ensure a hassle-free claim settlement experience and will endeavor to pay eligible* claims in 3 days.

*For claims fulfilling the below eligibility criteria, we will pay claims in 3 days of receipt of last and complete claim documents as per Company’s requirement:

  1. Days are considered as Working Days
  2. Policy duration greater than three years without reinstatement
  3. Total claim amount payable of all policies is less than Rs. 20 lacs
  4. The claim does not require any field verification
  5. All required claim documents have been submitted by the beneficiary before 3 PM on working day (Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays are excluded)
  6. This is not applicable for claims intimated to us during the first six calendar days of the month

Applicable only for Death claims under Retail business

List of Documents

  1. Completely filled Death Claim Form
  2. Death Certificate (A)
  3. Original Policy Document
  1. FIR (A)
  2. Post-Mortem Report (A)
  1. Photo Identification Proof, Address Proof and Relationship Proof with Life Assured
  2. Original Cancelled Cheque bearing name
  3. Photocopy of Passbook or Bank Statement (Bank Attested) (not more than 3 months old)
  1. Last Medical Attendant’s Report
  2. Hospital Treatment Records
    • Admission Note, Discharge/Death Certificate Summary from Hospital
    • All Records from Date of Admission until Date of Death
  3. Cremation Certificate
  1. Newspaper Cuttings
  2. Police Inquest Report / Panchnama
  3. Final Police Investigation Report
  1. Critical Illness Claim Form
  2. All Past and Current Discharge Summaries
  3. All Past and Current Medical/Hospital Records / Consultation Notes / Admission Notes / Test Reports
  1. Form - Employer Certificate


In addition to the above listed documents, Pramerica Life Insurance Limited reserves the right to call for any additional documents. Submission of claim form/ any other documents should not be construed as acceptance of the claim.

Download Claim Forms

Death Claim Form

Health Claim Form

Late Medical Attendant Form

Critical Illness Claim

Employer Certificate

* Individual death claims settled and reported in public disclosures for FY 2022-23
^ As on September 2023