An organization’s culture is made up of all of the life experiences each employee brings to the organization. We truly believe that the culture of an organization is its DNA and the people of the organization help build this DNA. At PLIL, we offer a culture dedicated to our values of Customer Focus, Agility, Passion to Win, Innovation, Trust and respect.

We provide our people with a variety of tools - enriching professional experiences, daily coaching, fun orientation, productive feedback and a safe work place environment .We value the unique perspective and approach that each person brings. At PLIL, we foster an environment that celebrates and leverages diversity. We ensure that every member of the team has a chance to make their mark and drive their career. We are strong individualists who thrive on collaboration. To us, it's all about respect for one another's unique traits, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.


Our foundation is embedded in our vision and values that drives employee actions and decision making.  We provide open and transparent communication that helps employees understand business priorities and enable them contribute to building a successful company.


At PLIL, the culture and care for people is driven from the vision…

"To ensure that every life we touch feels secure and enriched."


We are committed to diversity - we believe in inclusive collaboration of people from diverse backgrounds, gender, thought process etc. We value and honor the unique perspectives and approaches that each person brings to their work. We recognize that our differences bring richness to our work environments and help us better connect with new ways of thinking and the needs of the people we serve.

In PLIL, you will find an approach that helps employees feel comfortable and supported - to enable them to succeed in their endeavors. You will discover an open and a respectful environment where individual perspectives, cultures, and life situations are valued.